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Miki Nakamura
President & Founder of Tokyo Toy Distribution and many of its divisions.


When I was just a little boy I was fascinated by the stacked-to-the-ceiling hobby stores of Tokyo. They had everything that one could had imagined: Scale models, radio controlled models, figures, airsoft and model guns, military books & magazines, games, you-name-it! I loved the fact that these stores were usually cramped and every bit of space was used up for stocking products. The impressive array of products and the homy feel of the stores left a strong impression to me that I still remember. After I grow up I become more and more convinced that such store should be available for Westerners and that I’d love to run one. With growth of internet eventually this idea grew into plan of selling these products direct from Tokyo, Japan to worldwide thus skipping expensive and cumbersome distribution channels overseas.

As a kid I loved the Japanese gadgets and toys for their uniqueness and fun factor but being a military enthusiast and a student of military history in my heart I have always had soft point for military related products. In fact I have been in love with everything WWII-related since I was a kid since my WWII-veteran grand father and father shared the same interest. Having grown up in 1980s and 1990s my interests also include Vietnam War (at that time very popular topic), other military history from 1950s onwards, present day Special Forces, military related games (strategy genre in particular – warm greetings to any grognard reading this…). Logical extension to all these interests was Military Simulation (or “Survival Game? as it is known in Japan) gaming using airsoft weapons and real military equipment. I always thought the selection in these interests was most exciting in Japan and that overseas was lacking in behind in terms of selection and interesting features.

Being surrounded by these products of my childhood and making them available for similarly minded hobbyist around the world is my dream. 

Can we make your dream come to life?"


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